Start blogging again?

Hey hottie!

So.. I used to blog on an other website (almost ten years ago). It was fun and I had readers from 27 countries. Sometimes I miss it. It’s a good way to clear my head and it was fun (and sometimes weird) to have contact with my readers. So I’m gonna give it another try.

What have I done today? Not as much as I wanted. I’m kinda in a depression again so I don’t really have much energy right now. But I went in to the city to do some errands. I bought two new pillows for 60kr (cheap) and my dad helped me throw some old shit at the Recycling Center (nice to have that done). I tried on my new clothes from H&M. Loved it all. Can show you another day. I seriously haven’t done much more today.. It sucks. But I got a lot to do tomorrow so. Dad will come by again and help me with some stuff. I start school again in two weeks so I wanna get everyting done before that (I hopefully get rid of my fucking depression).

I’m not gonna write more tonight. It’s kinda weird to blog again and write in english. See you tomorrow!